welcome to play like that!

Our Mission Statement

"Play like that", is a simple phrase we use to encompass the reinforcement of positive actions.  Whether in sports or in life, the phrase is a reminder to reset our thinking and our priorities.  To provide communities, players, families, and fans with positive character choices and present the natural and logical consequences of good sportsmanship.

We are, Athletic Behavior Analysts; we look at the components of a team, the coaching style, the individual learning styles, and the family support and create a program to improve results.  We do this through our specifically designed behavioral charting and operant reinforcement techniques to give you the tools to continue the training.

Most children won't grow up to play a professional sport.  With that in mind, we want our children to have positive, character building experiences while "playing" a game.  These are our children and they are learning who they are and what they are capable of.  They do not yet have the benefit of our life experience so it is up to us to guide them to their potential.  Sports mirrors life with ups and downs and unforeseen challenges as well as hard fought victories.

play like that:  points out that a child has successfully performed a coached skill and should repeat it.

play like that:  refers to the way parents, coaches and spectators should conduct themselves.

play like that:  is a reminder to properly represent ourselves to the outside world.

There is a right way to play and to live.

If character is what you do when no one is watching, then sportsmanship is that conduct with everybody watching.
— Bob Ley - sportscaster